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Top 10 most beautiful animals in the world


1. White animals have always been different from others. A selection of beautiful snow-white animals. (11 photos)

2. Arctic fox is a polar fox, a predatory mammal of the canine family, the only representative of the genus of arctic foxes. A very hardy animal that lives in the coldest places on earth.

3. The polar wolf is a subspecies of the wolf. It lives throughout the Arctic, with the exception of ice floes and large areas covered by ice. It is adapted to survive in subzero temperatures, eats absolutely any food.

4. White owl - the largest bird of the order of owls in the tundra. The body length of the bird can reach 70 cm. And weight 3 kg. The wingspan is an average of 142-166 cm. It is listed in the Red Book.

5. Weasel is the only marten that does not have commercial value because of its small size. It feeds on small rodents. Weasel runs well, jumps, swims and climbs trees.

6. Polar hare - a hare mainly adapted for living in polar and mountainous areas.

7. Snow monkeys. Basking in the bath.

8. Snow leopard. Feline predator living in the mountains. It reaches 200-230 cm together with the tail, and weighs up to 55 kg.

9. Polar bear is a predatory mammal of the bear family. The polar bear is the largest land representative of the predatory mammals. Its length reaches 3 m, weight up to 800 kg. Usually males weigh 400-450 kg, body length 200-250 cm, height at the withers up to 130-150 cm. Females are noticeably smaller (200-300 kg).

10. Harp seal, a common seal species in the Arctic. A pronounced inhabitant of cold waters, but avoids the Arctic pack, preferring drifting ice.

10. Tiger

People have always had great sympathy for cats. No matter how much it weighs, 3 kilograms or 300.

Tiger - The largest representative of the cat family. At the moment, there are 6 species. All of them differ in appearance and size, but one thing remains the same - black stripes.

Growth of an adult from 60 to 110 centimeters, weight from 180 to 280 kilograms. Distribution area: India, Indochina, the Far East and Primorsky Krai (Russia). Life expectancy is 26 years.

The tiger is the most dangerous predator, among his family he is the record holder for killing people. The most common reason a tiger can attack a person is hunger. He needs up to 10 kilograms of meat per day.

So that there is no risk to life, it is better to admire tigers in a safe environment, for example, in a zoo.

9. Fenech

The animal with a funny name and no less funny appearance. They live in the deserts of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. These small predators belong to the canine family (genus - foxes).

A miniature animal, its height reaches 22 centimeters, weight up to 1.5 kilograms. Characteristic feature fenkov - long ears (up to 15 centimeters). They are of great importance for the life of the animal. Ears are a source of thermoregulation and help to find prey. Unlike foxes, who prefer to live on their own, fennies get together in packs of 10 individuals.

Life expectancy usually does not exceed 8 years. Valuable fenki fur attracts the attention of poachers. Also, recently, everyone wants to get a little fenka as a pet. All of these factors have made animals endangered.

8. Roe deer

Roe deer - wild goat. Habitat - a strip of temperate climate (from Europe and Asia to Korea and the Far East). Depending on the species, the animals will differ in appearance.

Height up to 75 centimeters, weight up to 30 kilograms. The color will depend not only on the type of roe deer, but also on the time of year. In the spring and summer, their hair acquires a reddish hue, in winter and late autumn it becomes gray. Roe males are easily distinguished from females by the presence of horns; in the latter they are absent.

Interesting fact: in some cases, females of wild goats also have horns. In old and infertile animals you can find small hemp. Sometimes the development of horns can lead to mechanical damage to the forehead.

7. Sea otter

Carnivorous marine mammals belong to the family of marten. The word "sea ​​otter"Is translated as a beast (Koryak language). Animals have other names - sea ​​otter, Kamchatka beaver.

The maximum weight is 45 kilograms, the maximum body length is 140 centimeters, and a third of the body is the tail.

A flattened muzzle, a black nose, small ears, dense dense fur - these are the main characteristic features of the appearance of a sea otter.

Cute animals live in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of California, in the Far Eastern part of Russia.

Sea otters spend a lot of time on their appearance: they carefully care for their hair.

Interesting fact: in matters of education, sea otters are “in solidarity” with a person. They devote a lot of time to their cubs, play with them. If the kids are naughty and do not obey, a strict mother can spank.

6. Wolf

Large predators that can be seen in zoos. Unfortunately, their appearance often does not cause other emotions than pity. In the wild, they look completely different. These are beautiful animals that cause both admiration and fear.

Wolves distributed around the world: Europe, Asia, North and South America. In Russia, they are not only in the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin.

The maximum growth of the wolf is 85 centimeters, weight - 50 kilograms. Bergman’s rule applies: “The harsher the habitat, the larger the beast". Wolves are very similar to dogs. This is most likely why people like them so much.

The average life expectancy is from 8 to 16 years. In captivity, they live much longer. There are many different species, their representatives will differ from each other in size and color.

5. Lion

Not in vain lions called the kings of animals, they look great. Representatives of the cat family are quite large, in size second only to tigers. Body weight - up to 250 kilograms, length - 2.5 meters.

The males are much larger, they differ from the females with a luxurious mane. Females lack such decoration, but no less beautiful. On average, lions live up to 15 years, they live only on two continents, in Asia and Africa.

Lions gather in small flocks of 5-6 animals. In many European and Asian cultures, they symbolize courage, power, strength, reliability and justice. This reputation has developed largely due to their majestic appearance.

4. Red Panda

Most people in the world are crazy about pandas. They are like big soft toys. The usual pandas will be discussed below, and now we will pay attention red pandas. They are much smaller in size, usually not larger than a domestic big cat, the maximum weight of 6.2 kilograms.

They have an unusual color - red, brown, hazel. Moreover, the lower body is much darker than the upper. White face, mask (like a raccoon), black nose - these animals are very cute and cute.

Life expectancy in captivity is up to 10 years, habitat Nepal, South China, Bhutan.

The red panda is very interesting to watch, their habits are somewhat reminiscent of a bear. They can get up on their hind legs and are funny angry.

3. Panda

These animals are called bamboo bears, because pandas eat exclusively bamboo. They get into the “beauty ratings” due to their amazing color. The body is covered with thick white fur. Paws, shoulders and necks, and spots around the eyes are black.

They are quite large: growth up to 180 centimeters, weight up to 160 kilograms. Habitat - the western part of China, Sichuan, Tibetan mountains. Life expectancy is 20 years.

Pandas are listed in the Red Book, these rare animals are protected.

For reference: in China, killing a panda is punishable by death.

2. Cheetah

And again, cats, a predatory mammal with an original spotted color. Cheetahs live in the Middle East and in many African countries. They are very different from their relatives from other cat families.

Cheetahs have a very fragile body, no fat deposits. An adult animal weighs from 45 to 60 kilograms, the height ranges from 75 to 90 centimeters. Life expectancy is 20 years.

Cheetahs are not only beautiful, they have many other virtues. For example, they are excellent "athletes." Cheetahs run very fast, in 3 seconds the beast can reach speeds of up to 110 km / h. The animal can easily overtake a sports car.

1. Panther

Business card panthers - her deep black color. Actually they are leopards but scientists distinguish them in a separate form for a number of reasons. If you look closely, you will notice that in fact the animal is spotty.

Panthers live in dense forests, due to the dark color of their fur they become almost invisible.

Their habitat is the African continent, Asia, South America. They do not live long, only 10 - 12 years. Height is up to 70 centimeters, weight 30 - 40 kilograms.

Panthers differ from classic leopards not only in appearance, but also in behavior. They are very aggressive.

Panthers are great hunters. They do not fear people. Hungry panthers, unlike many other animals, are not afraid to go into the village.

Horse (Akhal-Teke and Friesian)

In search of the most beautiful of the horses it is difficult to determine priorities, because all the horses are the very best. But I had to select two copies, the appearance of which amazes animal lovers.

So, the first breed is Akhal-Teke or, in other words, Turkmen. Her slim camp can only be envied. Nand for 5000 years this breed has not been crossed with any other and is the purest standard of beauty. Her skin is so thin that it literally glows from the inside. The growth of the beauty reaches 160 cm! And the eyes have a special structure and amygdala (Asian eye).

Friesian horse gets into the rating due to its friezes on its legs (drooping villi). And, of course, thanks to its exotic appearance. The black horse has a somewhat rough "figure", but at the same time it is taut.

Wavy villi frame not only the lower limbs, but also the hairy horse’s mane. In 2016, Frederick the Great Frieze was honored to become the most beautiful stallion in the world among the horses of the planet.

Highland cow

The Indian people have a tradition of honoring cows, no matter what breed they belong to. It is a pity that the sacred animal is not for all countries. For example, a Highland cow bred in Scotland for harsh climates is bred mainly for further meat, as well as a source of milk.

You can see Highland in large zoos of different countries. And the Queen of Great Britain contains her own herd of these amazing cows with bangs in her eyes, consisting of 100 goals!

The most beautiful wild animals

The largest and most magnificent representative of cats continues our rating. There are 6 species of tigers. The body length can reach three meters, and the life span of a predator is about 26 years.

A tiger lives in the Amur Region in Russia, in India, and Southeast Asia. The number of Amur tigers is under threat of extinction, so they are listed in the Red Book.


Red fur with a peach tint, a slender camp and a pretty face, resembling a domestic cat. ... What is the most beautiful animal? Definitely - caracal. But not only the appearance attracts a predatory cat. Nature awarded this large animal with unusual and long ears.

Translated from Turkish, the name "caracal" means "black ear". Thanks to this idea of ​​nature, caracal can hear even minor rustles away from itself. This helps the predator to be known as hunter number 1. And powerful hind legs are another tool in achieving the goal. Jumping up and in flight to catch a bird for lunch for a caracal is not a problem at all.

Big panda

The habitat of this cute animal is the mountainous regions of Tibet and Sichuan. In China, it is considered a symbol of the country, as well as just a mega eater of bamboo. People justifiably believe that pandas were added to the bear family by mistake.

Indeed, in the diet of these creatures there is no place for meat dishes. All that is needed for happiness is 30 kg of bamboo per day, and clawed legs are only good for climbing trees. Harmless creatures attract the eyes of people from all over the world, and also become the heroes of entertaining animated series.

Mandarin fish

The most beautiful animals in the world can be marine inhabitants. This original fish swims in the Pacific Ocean near Australia, the Philippines and Taiwan. He takes for life with his coloring. Which only "clothes" on it is not: blue, red, orange, blue. Moreover, the base color is blue, it is clearly visible at the edges of the fins. Curved stripes, specks and circles were successfully placed all over the body. In general, the coloring resembles the coloring of the uniforms of ancient Chinese officials. The size of the fish is very small - about 5 cm, but this does not interfere with the agility to get food in the form of small crustaceans and plankton.

Caramel crab

Amazing in its beauty, the “candy” crab was not in vain ranked. The most beautiful unusual animal has no related species, and the growth of its body is not more than 2 cm. It can change colors in accordance with the coral on which it is currently sitting. Pink, yellow, red, white. ... It lives in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and its camouflage qualities can be envied.

Pink dolphin

Dolphins have long attracted the attention of the whole world, and above all, as the most intelligent animals on the planet. One of the most beautiful is the pink dolphin. Surprisingly, the habitat of these animals is the waters of the Amazon. Such a handsome man is found in the river, and his body length can reach 2 meters.

Dolphins differ from the rest not only in color, but also in the shape of the stigma, it is elongated and resembles a beak. Amazonian dolphins are called "bowtos." They have one more unique feature - their body is very flexible to easily maneuver between thickets of flooded jungle.

Mandarin Duck

Tangerines are not only fish, but also birds. In males, the plumage is always brighter, and they also have an interesting crest.

The size of this bird is small, and the habitat is widespread throughout Europe and Asia. True, the number of individuals of this species has already decreased significantly. This is due to the fact that the duck changes color in the winter season and can be shot by hunters who confuse it with an ordinary duck.


The most beautiful animal on the planet is famous for its chic peacock tail. In fact, we mistakenly take feathers covering the back of the peacock by the tail. For the first time, the peacock was domesticated in India and is considered a sacred bird. In the wild, an ordinary peacock lives in the jungle and forest thickets. It is found in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran.

There are many mutating subspecies and accordingly different colors, the most delightful of all after the blue-green is the white peacock. Its fluffy “tail” resembles a bride’s fan or delicate snow-white tulle.

White animals - photo and description

White Animals - White Wolves

Wolves are not only gray, as most people are used to seeing them. White wolves are found only in the Arctic, so an ordinary person is not destined to see them. Animals are settled throughout the Arctic, where you can find food. White wolves are perfectly adapted to the harsh Arctic climate, so they are not afraid of either low temperature, darkness, or even a temporary lack of food.White wolf fur with a slightly grayish tint helps animals to hunt successfully, because it is thanks to this color that they easily hide in the snow, and at the right moment attack the victim, leaving her no chance of survival. Wolves feed on everything they meet, since in the Arctic the choice is not very large.

White Animals - White Owls

Still white owls are called polar owls. Snow-white plumage of owls with black glimmers does not leave anyone indifferent. It’s not difficult to imagine such an owl, because everyone watched films about Harry Potter, after which the polar owls gained popularity. Of the entire order of owls, it is the whites that are considered the largest. It is sad that today there are very few of these beauties left, since they are very important for the tundra: owls kill rodents and pests, improve the nesting of other birds, etc. White owls are famous for their aggression, which they, fortunately, show only in relation to arctic foxes who want to kidnap little owls. Many tundra birds build their nests next to the polar owl's nest, because it perfectly clears the territory from more dangerous predators, while it itself never attacks other birds.

White animals - Arctic fox

This beautiful animal is known to all. Arctic fox can be safely called one of the most beautiful animals of white color. Its soft and at the same time incredibly thick fur allows them to hide in the snow and tolerate even the lowest temperatures. During strong snowstorms, Arctic foxes burrow into long tunnels, which they themselves dig up. Unfortunately, magnificent white fur is liked not only by animal lovers, but also by hunters who kill poor animals for the sake of fur.

White Animals - Weasel

These animals are the owners of a beautiful white fur coat, which, fortunately, are not used by people. The animals are not caught because of their small size - about 20 centimeters in length, in addition, they emit a not very pleasant smell. The animals have a luxurious white fur coat only in winter, but in summer it becomes whitish-brown, since in summer there is no need for animals to hide in the snow. Weasel is a predatory animal that prey on small rodents and small birds. In general, a weasel eats everything that it can catch, be it a fish, a snake, insects, lizards or eggs of large birds. The animals are known for their agility, so that they can easily crawl into any crevices.

White Animals - Polar Bears

Full white fur can only be found in polar bears. Interestingly, in fact, the fur has no color, that is, it is transparent, and depending on how the light falls, it may acquire a yellowish tint. Polar bears are distinguished from other types of bears by a flat head, an elongated neck and huge sizes. Sometimes in the wild bears are found even with greenish fur, which is associated with algae that attach to the hairs. Interestingly, the skin of the bears has a black color.

White Animals - Japanese Macaques

White macaques are found only in the north of Japan, and in the areas where they live, no other species of monkeys dares to settle. In those places in Japan, snow covers the land for up to 4 months of the year, so it helps the monkeys disguise themselves. By the way, otherwise monkeys are also called “snow monkeys”, although in fact they have gray wool, which saves them even in the coldest time of the year.

White Animals - Arctic Hare

The white hare, like the weasel, is white only in winter, but the polar hare always wears a white fur coat, regardless of the season. Only when the snow is falling does the fur get a slightly bluish tint, which helps the hare to hide better among the stones. The only thing that does not change all year round is the ears and tail of a bunny.

White Animals - Harp Seal

This animal changes its color several times in a lifetime. The first few days after birth, the babies have a white color with a slightly greenish tint, after a while their color becomes completely white. Such a beautiful color does not last long, since after the first molt the babies get the same shade as adults - gray. At a young age, females and males have a spotted skin, and when they become sexually mature, two black stripes form on their sides. These animals are considered to be one of the most beautiful animals of white color.

White Animals - Snow Leopard

Wild cats are very beautiful, especially if they have an unusual color. These animals include the white leopard, which is also called the snow leopard. The leopard does not have a pure white coat, its color has a slightly grayish tint, and, of course, the spots remain unchanged. In summer, the color of the leopard becomes much lighter, almost white, while the spots darken on the contrary.

White Animals - White Lions

A real miracle of nature in a good way. White lions are not fiction, but real-life animals. Today, about 300 white lions are known, while in the 70s there were only three. For the first time, white lions were discovered by zoologists who went in search of the famous legend. Scientists took three cubs and placed them in the reserve, thereby laying the foundation for today's population.

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1 White Lion

For the first time it became known about white lions in the XX century, before that there were only legends as a mythical beast living in South Africa. But this species was rarely found, only in the 1970s, White Lions began to be specially bred in captivity. This was done for the shooting, because such a trophy was considered very rare and expensive.
White lions are very large and beautiful, but few people know that white color means disease with leukism, which just makes their color white. That is why white lions cannot be called albinos, because with the very pigmentation of the skin and eyes they are all right.

2 Amur tiger

The Amur tiger is considered one of the rarest species of the tiger, it is the northern tiger for which the cold climate is convenient. It lives in southeastern Russia along the Amur River in Khabarovsk, it was in honor of the river that it was named. They can also call the tiger Ussuri, in honor of another river, also in Khabarovsk, or the Far East.
The Amur tiger differs from other subspecies in its large size and thick coat, and it is also lighter in shade. This is the only subspecies of the tiger, which has a fat layer on the stomach about 5 centimeters. They also see 5 times better in the dark than humans and hunt more often at night than during the day.

3 Black Panther

The black panther is called Leopard and Jaguar in which a black gene mutation occurred. More precisely, the predominance of black over other colors due to "melanism". Both the black leopard and the black jaguar are equally beautiful and attract with their unusual appearance.
Black panthers live in the southern and southeastern parts of Asia. By the way, they cannot be called a separate subspecies, since the Black Jaguar and the Black Leopard are different, separate species. Even at the beginning of the XX century, it was very rare to meet such a cat, but now there are a lot of such beautiful animals in the world.

4 polar wolf

The polar wolf lives throughout the Arctic and Tundra. In some Polar regions there is no light for 5 months and wolves calmly endure months without light and weeks without food.
The most amazing thing is that they are better than any other type of wolf to adapt to harsh conditions. Polar wolves inhabit one of the most barren territories on Earth. Where in April the temperature very rarely rises above −30 ° C.

5 Snow Leopard

Snow leopard or in another way Irbis belongs to the cat family and is found in Central Asia. The snow leopard has several unique differences from others from the cat family. This is a flexible and long body, short legs, a small head and a long tail. It also has long hair, which protects it even from the most severe frosts.
Back in the 20th century, the Snow Leopard was listed in the Red Book of Russia and other security documents of other countries. This species is considered endangered due to habitat difficulties and low species density. Scientists have not yet explored many aspects of these leopards.

6 Dolphin

Few people know, but these beautiful creatures are dolphins, belong to the family of the suborder of toothy whales, cetaceans. Which are not only harmless to people, but also willing to help in emergency situations. That's because their brain has empathy and social intelligence.
Dolphin's average life span is 25 years. They communicate using sound pulses and ultrasound, the stock of sound signals is about 14,000 thousand. The most amazing thing is that they use some sounds as needed. For example, when communicating with a person, unique signals are used that can easily be perceived by the human ear.

7 Big Panda

Big panda, a very cute creature, which is a bear family mammal with a peculiar coat color. Most of these creatures live in the mountainous regions of China. And somewhere in the middle of the 20th century, the panda became a symbol for China.
On average, a panda reaches 1.5 meters and has a mass of 100 kg. Unlike other bears, the panda has a long tail, about 10 cm. The body is covered with thick white fur with black spots around the eyes, black ears and black legs. The hind legs have sharp claws, and on the soles of each finger bare pads are well developed to hold the smooth stalks of bamboo.

8 Lemur

Lemurs are found only in Madagascar and the Comoros. They are mostly nocturnal, usually sleep during the day. They are also divided into 65 different species, there are dwarf ones weighing 30 grams, and there are large ones that weigh up to 10 kg.
Lemurs are a unique group of animals, because with their species diversity they live only on two islands. Thus, all lemurs are endemic and very vulnerable. Places where lemurs usually live are different types of forests and jungle.

9 Orca

Killer whale is a marine mammal that is difficult to train by humans. This amazingly beautiful creature can pose a threat to humans, the British call it the “Whale Killer”, because of their belonging to the cetacean family, as well as the danger on their part. By the way, it’s a very interesting fact that the killer whale is correctly spelled “o”, but in almost all sources they write “killer whale” (confused with the name of the birds).
Killer whales are the largest carnivorous dolphins, which differ from others in black and white. White spots on the sides are just above the eyes (white spots are not eyes). In addition, they have massive teeth, up to 13 cm long, adapted to tear large prey. They live throughout the oceans and there are species that are completely black or completely white, which looks amazing.

10 Bird of paradise

Bird of paradise (Paradisedae) is a relative of our crow and there are both small and large species. Currently, there are more than 50 different species of these beautiful birds that live in Australia, except for one that lives on the island of Madagascar.
In all species of bird of paradise, the beak is strong, sometimes it is long, it is also short and straight tail or long stepped. The feathers are dark, but some species are painted in bright colors depending on the habitat. Males are usually brighter in color than females and it is amazing to watch the dancing of these birds with magnificent plumage.