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Is it worth it to get a dog in the apartment


A dog in the house is a huge happiness! But only if the decision to purchase a pet was balanced and deliberate. But it is impossible to know in advance what to expect from a cute fluffy little puppy. Therefore, I propose once again to look at your life while there is no dog in it ...

1. You can sleep peacefully in the morning. You are not threatened by a heart-rending howl, the jumps of an impatient beast through your sleeping body. You can even afford to oversleep breakfast, because no one will suffer from this.

And for the owner of the dog whether there is a vacation, a day off, or the morning of the first of January - there is no difference. Early rise and appearance in pajamas and with a "magnificent" hairstyle is provided every day.

2. You may not run home headlong after work. You don’t have to go home at all, but have a nice dinner in a restaurant. And when, finally, you will not be dragged out again for a walk, despite the weather and the late hour. After all, the dog lover in the cold and in the rain, but even in the city dutifully take a leash ...

3. You can avoid allergies and asthma attacks. If there is a tendency to these diseases, then it is better to take your dog into the house, discuss not only with parents and loved ones, but also with a doctor. Otherwise, get ready for dog hair in all corners, on your favorite dress, and even in a bowl of soup there is a chance to see cute “surprises”. And even a vacuum cleaner cannot completely get rid of this.

4. There is an opportunity to spend money only on yourself. You do not need to spend the entire salary to a penny on food and a fashionable collar. Add to these purchases also the costs of vitamins, medicines, anthelmintic, hygiene products, the services of a trainer, grummer, veterinarian - and a tidy sum looms.

By the way, you should be prepared for the fact that puppies have an unpleasant feature: spoil the most expensive things in the apartment. Think about how much your new shoes cost? And the upholstery on the couch?

5. You can safely go on vacation! And there, rest to the fullest, not worrying “but how is the dog there”, “are they watching him well,” “are they feeding him and walking properly,” “but is he not very bored”, etc. And you will rest with your family, and not alone, as is customary for dog lovers. Because someone has to stay at home to take care of the dog.

6. You have a lot of free time. There is such an expression: "Get a dog and you will always have work." Any dog, even the smallest and fluffiest, is a person. Are you ready to exchange watching the series for a long walk, and hours of exciting shopping for the necessary communication and care for the pet?

7. There is no one in especially sad moments to raise your fallen mood, protect from any (even invisible) dangers and look at you with eyes full of devotion and boundless love. Until you have a dog in the house, you won’t know how much they can love you.

Love is just for what you are. After all, these are beings full of selfless love, ready for any feat for your sake, beings so devoted and disinterested that thoughts arise involuntarily, but do we deserve this ...


The animal in the house is always a joy, especially if it is a dog loving and loyal to its master. For this reason, many people have a pet. What are the other advantages of such a solution?

  1. Sea of ​​joy for a child. Dogs are very cheerful, grateful and cheerful creatures who love children very much and behave with them at ease, fully trusting them. Becoming a friend of his pet, the child becomes more responsible, especially when it comes to older children who can walk the dog, play with it and feed her. Active games are very useful for children, given how difficult it is to captivate them and force them to leave the game on the computer, the decision to get a dog has undoubted advantages, because in this way you get a faithful and devoted friend for the child.
  2. Great morning exercise. Those who can’t raise themselves in the morning and make them go for a run will immediately forget about laziness and sleep if they have a dog in their apartment. In any case, you need to walk him and the more often and more actively this will happen, the better.
  3. Responsibility development. Often, young couples, before becoming parents, first have dogs and this is right, as this is the only way to find out if a girl and a guy are ready to change their life and sacrifice their daily routine and personal life in order to take care of someone else . As soon as you start living with a dog, the illusion that it is just a fluffy creature that needs to be fed with food and taken outside a couple of times disappears, since the dog requires attention and care, like a child.
  4. Love of nature. If a person takes to the street himself, he is unlikely to greatly appreciate the beauty of nature, another thing is if such an exit to nature is carried out with a pet. Jogging, active games, walks near a river or lake - will be a fun daily activity.
  5. Benefit for health. Many people claim that they started running and spending time outdoors only with the appearance of a dog in their apartment, which is very useful for the cardiovascular system and strengthening immunity.
  6. Real friendship. The main difference between a dog and other pets is that it is always glad to its owner and always waiting at the threshold of his return. The dog is always ready to support and listen, even if he cannot enter into a verbal dialogue, but after you tell everything to a furry friend and stroke him, it always becomes easier.


In fact, some of the advantages of a dog living in an apartment are for a certain number of people and its minuses, since each coin has two sides.

  • Wasting time on walks and active games. The dog will not sit in the apartment all day, it is harmful to her health, therefore the owner will have to find time to walk her before work and after returning home, and this despite the fatigue or bad mood.
  • Increased responsibility. A dog needs good care, buying expensive food for her and sometimes combing her hair is just a small part of the duties that need to be performed. Water procedures, walking, games, cleaning, grooming during illness - all dog owners face this.
  • Financial expenses. Spending money is necessary not only for the purchase of a pet, but also for the purchase of a berth for dogs. Vitamins, veterinary services, treatment, toys, a suit for a winter walk, food, shampoos - all this requires significant finances.
  • Damage to property. Taking a puppy is a great test for an apartment, more precisely for furniture and other interior items that are in it. When a puppy’s teeth begin to grow, if you don’t wean it in time, it can gnaw not only its toys, but also wallpaper, a sofa and chairs. Having barely left a pet in private or without paying enough attention to it, one should prepare for the fact that you will have to spend money on replacing furniture.
  • Continuous cleaning. Dogs are very active and playful creatures, so you should get used to the scattered feed and tightened clothes from the edge of the chair. Also, do not forget that after each walk the pet's paws must be thoroughly washed, otherwise you will have to wash the floors throughout the house. It should be remembered about disinfection, especially in apartments on the ground floor, where fleas can easily get. Therefore, it is very important to try to wash the floors in the corridor especially often with the addition of household chemicals.
  • Patience. Training a dog in teams requires a lot of attention, even turning to a dog handler will have to spend 20 minutes a day training a dog, otherwise he will not obey his master. Dogs are creatures with their own character and habits; therefore, they have to develop a separate approach, because there is nothing more valuable than friendship between a pet and its owner. At first, during the training, the pet may not obey, it is significant to ignore the commands, therefore it is very important at this moment to show sufficient patience.

Is it worth it to get a dog in the apartment where the child lives

Much depends on the age of the baby, of course, it is best to get a dog from 5 yearswhen the child already understands that this is an animal, that it needs to be looked after, you can not rush with it like a toy, you need to feed and walk. If the relationship between the child and the dog is built correctly, friendship will appear between them, and such relations will favorably influence psychological and physical development.

In order for a child to grow up responsible and responsive, it is important that he cares about whom, besides, it will be much easier for parents, as the baby will be busy playing with the dog, the main thing is that the correct breed be selected, since not all dogs are suitable for living in an apartment with a child. For example, a German shepherd is known for loving children, but she cannot live in a small apartment, because this dog loves movement and cannot sit still, she constantly needs space for games. The best option would be the Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua and Pomeranian.