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Choosing a nickname for a dog is a very crucial step. Before dwelling on some option, it’s good to pros and cons and be sure to read our article “On choosing a nickname for a dog”, because your pet will live with your chosen name all his life. Think about the fact that the nickname should reflect the temperament of your dog, be harmonious and clear. We tried to help you in this difficult choice and created a catalog of dog names in alphabetical order so that you can view more than 20,000 options and choose the one that suits you and your dog.

The influence of modernity

In such a case as the choice of a nickname, some trends are traced, which change from time to time.

A progressive owner wants to match them and adjusts, choosing a dog nickname for a boy in a fashionable and modern way.

Name trends depend on external factors affecting the subconscious of the owner:

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  • The emergence of new pop stars
  • New movie, comic and cartoon characters
  • Copying the names of world famous designers
  • Fashionable words of foreign origin
  • New preferences in colors, food, cars, brands, etc.
noteUnderstandable nicknames of boys' dogs can be considered Lucky, which is translated from English Lucky, Richie, came from the name of the famous designer John Richmond and Gucci, the name of the designer. / note

Funny names

The importance of giving the pet's nickname a secret meaning depends on the personal desire of the owner. Someone puts their hearts into the choice of male dog names, spends a lot of time researching the appropriate literature and reading relevant topics on the Internet, and someone just decided to name the boy’s dog Sharik and that’s enough for him. It all depends on the nature of the owner and the desire to get confused with the selection of a unique nickname.

Each name still has subtext, each causes some kind of association and means something. You need to be careful, do some research, so as not to give the boy a strange nickname for a dog.

Matching nicknames and features

For each breed, some nicknames are more suitable, some do not sound. But this does not always stop the owners in their selection. It’s like in every rule there are exceptions. Only then do the owners decide when to make these exceptions.

If we talk about the basic rules that should be guided with such a difficult choice, then it will likely be just some of the given parameters for matching the nickname and characteristics of each particular breed.

For small dogs, such as Yorkshire terriers or pugs, cute, gentle options are suitable:

Shar-pei and chow-chow - serious, but affectionate:

Nicknames for large dogs of dogs - aggressive and serious:

But the choice always remains with the owner!

Comfortable perception

In order for the dog to quickly get used to its nickname and orient itself perfectly when you call her by name, experts advise choosing a short option.

Reception will help the dog to quickly learn to hear its name by ear and respond more quickly to the owner’s commands.

important A 3-4 letter word is better for the dog than long, unpronounceable words.

Famous Russian names

The German Shepherd is a famous breed of dogs that is distinguished by its loyalty to its owner, serious character and mind. They carry out their service and enjoy special trust from the owner.

Since ancient times, shepherd dogs were usually called simple Russian nicknames such as Sharik, Druzhok, later preference was given to the harmonious options:

Serious, proud and significant names are suitable for such a dog.

Name selection

Depending on the nature of your pet, you can assume what nickname to him just right.

You can call a dog a dog like this:

These nicknames mean joy and fun. You can reward them with the name of a joking cartoon character like Tom or Mickey.

If the pet is serious about your first meeting, then it is better to dwell on such nicknames as:

When the dog is friendly, loves children, playing with the owner he is called in the style of dog-heroes from the corresponding films about dogs such as Buddy, Elou, Lightning, Lucky or simply and in our opinion - Friend.

Fighting dogs adopt brutal nicknames:

  • John,
  • Nike
  • Boxer,
  • Fest (First),
  • Best (Best).
warning No matter how you name your dog, it will look right on your part. Who better than the owner to know what the character of the pet and what preferences. / warning

The taste and color, as they say, all the markers are different. It is up to the owner to decide what name his male will bear.

There is an opinion that the name determines in advance in the future your pet will behave, if you are a fan of such an idea, then all the more in your hands.

How to teach a nickname

Choosing a nickname for a puppy is a pleasant, creative occupation. It should be sonorous, short. Over time, derivative home nicknames for the dog may appear from it, but the main nickname should not be difficult to pronounce for the owner, difficult for the dog to perceive.

The names of dogs in pedigrees are usually complex, unpronounceable. They often do not match what you decide to name your puppy. At best, you will call it a simplified version of the nickname in the pedigree. But, the owner wants to come up with a nickname for his pet. Sometimes, when the owner knows exactly which nursery or litter he will take the puppy from, the breeder offers him to come up with a nickname for a certain letter.

The breeder keeps a record of all puppies born in his kennel, assigning each new litter a specific letter of the alphabet. In a pedigree in a nickname of a puppy the name of the nursery or prefix will be present. Official names are often long, consisting of 2 or more words.

From the moment a puppy appears in the house, provided that the nickname is already invented, the owner turns to him, calling her only. For the first time, you cannot replace it with diminutive-affectionate options, come up with new options and draw the puppy's attention to yourself with a whistle or other sounds.

This confuses the puppy. When you start walking with a puppy, any passerby, whether or not on purpose, making a sound familiar to the puppy or uttering an affectionate word, will be able to attract his attention. This is already undesirable. Firstly, this puts the puppy's life in danger - he can run across the road.

Secondly, such behavior will create additional difficulties in training and raising a dog. Thirdly, the puppy will learn that any person can call him, and the owner’s authority is nullified.

Remembering the nickname is, perhaps, the basis of the basics of training. The dog must well assimilate its name, this is an association of close contact with the owner, respond to it without delay.

To speed up the process of memorization, positive reinforcement is needed - with words or refreshments. When pronouncing a nickname, observe the puppy’s reaction and, as soon as he turns his head in response to his name, immediately give a treat, praise.

If the puppy does not respond to the nickname, repeat it before each feeding, placing a bowl of food only when the puppy has responded to its name. The puppy’s reaction to his nickname is manifested in the fact that he approaches the owner, family members and shows his location.

When the puppy begins to approach you in response to pronouncing his name, begin to teach him the “Lie” command. Each time before giving the command, call the puppy by name. So you switch the puppy's attention from outside activities to yourself. This simple exercise can be done at home, repeating it throughout the day.

The puppy will quickly learn to respond to its name if its pronunciation is followed by pleasant communication or a favorite treat.

Value and energy named

If you consider the teachings about matter, the energy of objects and living beings far-fetched, unrealistic, skip this section. Many experienced dog breeders faced situations when a puppy acquired the qualities of its nickname. Lightning, rushing like a racehorse, Buran could not live without trouble, the Sheriff strove to dominate all living beings and only the wolfhound Martha quietly plucked grass, behaved quietly.

Yes, such phenomena do occur; it is useless to deny them. This does not mean that the nickname will affect the character of the dog. After all, the Titanic was called “with meaning”, but when I met with the iceberg everything ended tragically.

Energy matters, especially if you believe in the "laws of the universe." Do not try to choose the “perfect” nickname, but make sure that it does not contradict the pet.

No need to rely on the interpretation of names when considering human names. Not so many Victoria won in life, and Oleg is far from saints. Most of their interpretations are written by people and for people. When looking for the meaning of a name, think what it means to you, it is much more important than the "cliches" invented by someone.

I will name a dog in honor

Trying to choose a name for the boy’s dog, which will emphasize his masculinity, greatness, the owners think over the names of the Gods, warriors, military leaders. Zeus, Thor, Caesar, Ymir are beautiful, majestic nicknames, but not for the Pekingese or toy terrier. Kids who need a winter sweater, jumping into their arms at the sight of a seasoned yard cat, also deserve courageous nicknames.

The name Richard, aka Rich, is suitable for a small dog who carries a large lion heart in a small chest.

Observe the puppy for several days, so you will learn some of the characteristics of the pet. Consider the size of an adult dog, choosing nicknames that describe the pet. For example, St. Bernard the Kid or Masya, causes at least a smile.

By naming an animal in honor of the heroes of books or films, you oblige them to conform to the image. Either refrain from this choice, or clearly understand that the character of the dog depends only on genetics and upbringing.

Calling the dachshund Princess, you will not be able to influence the instinctive desire of the dog to fall out in the "incense of a freshly-minted bird." Moreover, even upbringing can be powerless against instincts.

What canine experts advise

You need to name the puppy of the boy so that the nickname is liked by family members, by the pets themselves, experienced dog handlers are advised to be guided by several recommendations when selecting a nickname. The nickname should be short and simple.

Throughout a long life together with a pet, because you will live with him for more than one year, you will often contact him, call on yourself with or without, he will become your silent interlocutor, a good companion, best friend. Because of these circumstances, you will be forced to pronounce the dog’s nickname often.

The short nickname is also a good choice because its pronunciation will not cause problems, as is the case with long nicknames. Choose simple names for the animal that are familiar to all family members. It is better to give preference to nicknames that are associated with the heroes of animated paintings, films, games, which every family member knows without exception.

When inventing names for your dog, give preference to nicknames, which consist mainly of a pair of syllables. According to veterinarians, this approach is convenient and easy to use. If you look at voice commands for dogs, then most of them consist of 2, or even one syllable: sit, take, lie down, aport, near, place.

And if you believe the opinion of dog handlers, then such simple words are perceived by dogs easier and more accessible. Names for dog boys, as well as girls, must begin with a consonant. Based on the observations of experienced dog breeders, these letters are perceived by four-legged pets faster than words starting with vowels. When contacting a pet, he will immediately respond to his nickname.

Sound combinations in the name. Dogs are overly susceptible to sound vibrations, therefore, depending on the breed and their temperament, it is worth choosing a consonant nickname. If you got a dog for hunting, then it’s better to give her a short name with voiced vowels so that she quickly responds to any call.

Choose unique names. It is advised to choose a nickname for your pet that the dogs of your friends or neighbors from the yard do not have. It’s better to come up with an individual, unique nickname for the dog. The approach when choosing a name for a dog will avoid confusion. For example, when walking around a courtyard or street, when a friend, acquaintance, who also has a four-legged pet, calls him the same way, which your pet can also respond to.

Do not change pet names. Stopping at one click for the dog, do not change it. Otherwise, the dog will never get used to his nickname.

In life, we are used to using diminutive names, the pet does not realize this manifestation of tenderness and does not perceive it in other forms. So, if the pet’s name is Zur, then she won’t respond to the diminutive-loving Zurushka, and she won’t even understand that you are addressing her.

Deciding what to name dogs for girls and boys is a family affair. All family members should participate in the selection of a nickname for a pet, especially if there are children in the house. If during a joint holiday you call the dog your whole name you like, this is a good chance to get closer to your family and build relationships.

The process brings positive emotions to family relationships, which all families in our country need. If one of your family members doesn’t like the nickname, this can cause disagreement and even some negative attitude towards the pet itself.